Sunday, October 16, 2011

Political Prisoner Reza Joushan at risk of additional four years in prison

Reza Joushan's mother (left) recently fled Iran, fearing persecution. Reza Joushan risks four more years in prison.

The Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners — According to insider sources, with a week left before the release of Reza Joushan from Evin prison, security and judicial authorities have increased the pressures on the political prisoner and intend to open a new case file for him that will result in an additional four-year prison sentence to be issued. Other reports suggest that there is a possibility Reza Joushan will be transferred to another prison. Reza Joushan has been serving a two-year prison sentence.

A source inside the prison reported that Reza Joushan was transferred to the prison clinic last week after he was beaten by prison authorities. His left leg was damaged and bandaged up prior to his transfer to the clinic.

When Reza Joushan’s family members recently followed up on his case, the security agents threatened to increase the pressures on the political prisoner and even torture or murder him.

Reza Joushan’s beating occurred after his mother Zahra Asadpour Gorji fled the country due to threats by security forces to arrest her. The family’s assets, including their home, was seized by the Iranian authorities when the mother left Iran.

In December 2009, Zahra Asadpour Gorji was arrested under the charge of “Visiting her daughter Fatemeh Joushan in Camp Ashraf”. She was held in Evin prison for 16 months and suffered from heart complications that required surgery.

In accordance with the increased pressures on political prisoners, blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajari (a.k.a. Siamak Mehr) was recently transferred from Karaj’s Rajai Shahr ‘Gohardasht’ prison to Ghezel Hesar prison, also located in Karaj, where he is held with prisoners charged with murder, drug-trafficking, or rape.

- Translated by Persian2English

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